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Welcome to the British Business Group in Nigeria.  We are proud to be the most effective business networking and support group in the country with a membership of more than 300 individuals. All UK passport holders are encouraged to join and will be made most welcome to the group. We meet once per month for a meeting which includes a briefing by the British Deputy High Commission, a main talk on a subject of interest and up to three Member Introductory Talks (MITs) where members can showcase their own companies. We are pleased to remain a group with free membership and only charge for the cost of refreshments at meetings where sponsorship does not cover this.  Please visit our Apply for Membership page and enter your relevant contact details and UK passport to commence the registration process.

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The British Business Group of Nigeria wish all our members, guests, visitors and business networks across the globe a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021.

bbg social media helps in understanding air travel changes

The majority of the year 2020 can be coined most easily by the now common phrase “unprecedented times”. Never before in our lifetimes (at least I believe none of our members were alive in 1918, during the time of the Spanish flu) have we been party to a global pandemic such as that of Covid-19.

The economy was greatly shaken, global trade became greatly disrupted and for what was significant to practically each and every member of our networking community, transport around the world ceased. Never before has the WhatsApp group of the BBG Aviation and Travel network been so prolific and frequently supplemented with information, live feeds and changeable updates.

The group’s population is diverse, with an offshoot being created for those who were unexpectedly caught within Nigeria and unable to depart. There was a spread of members that had been evacuated by their own means, or by that of their companies, and there were those members who were in the no man’s land of British passport holders yet not applicable for the British evacuation flights.

For many of the members, the group’s functionality and significance grew exponentially over the course of the lockdown months, both in the UK and in Nigeria. Though the posts were not all positive, nevertheless they were all relevant and highly useful during such uncertain times. Information was garnered from major airlines, questions/opinions/voices were heard and raised for those in need, and an immense amount of support was offered amongst the members. Links to pre-travel testing centres were reviewed, suggestions were shared, a plethora of advice was given, and all in all, a deeply strengthened community has grown.

There have been times when many people around the world have felt helpless, stranded (emotionally as well as physically), and entirely perplexed by the situations facing them. Within the context of this group, uncovering how one could navigate the pathway back onto an aviation course has been paramount. As a group, we have been united. No question has been too small, no suggestion unwarranted. And I believe it is 100% true to say that as a source, the BBG Aviation and Travel group has been one that many of it’s members could not have succeeded in their travels during this time, without.

Examples of difficulty have included the highly variant protocols for the return to Nigeria from the government, airport and NCDC. Whereas the criteria initially included a pre-travel covid-19 test to be done within 2 weeks before flying yet no sooner than 5 days before, this changed seemingly overnight, becoming a time bracket of 96 hours but ideally 72 hours before flying. The flurry of messages amongst members once again took speed, as people frantically realigned their plans for postal test centres, drive-in centres and so on. Only to find that some days later, the protocol changed once again, increasing to 120 hours pre-flight (to support those travellers who were struggling to get the results in time). Without the group, many of us would have floundered and felt isolated (pun intended) unnecessarily. It has served as an excellent example of the power of networks and contacts, and bonds between friends, businesses and associates have become strengthened, as communication channels have been enabled in this way.

BBG Assists Stranded British Travelers

When the Nigerian international airports were closed in March, there were an estimated 600 UK passport holders on business trips and vacation trips who became stranded in Nigeria.  The British Business Group were pleased to reach out to these individuals and a new WhatsApp group was created to help keep them informed and included in the ongoing UK Government efforts to repatriate them.

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